About Me

136My name is Vladimir Martinusi and I am currently a research scientist at the University of Liege, Belgium. I have got my PhD from the Technical University “Gheorghe Asachi” in the city of Iasi, Romania, and immediately after I left for my first postdoctoral fellowship at Technion — Israel Institute of Technology in the wonderful city of Haifa. A few years ago, I have settled down in Belgium. My scientific interests revolve around Astrodynamics (Orbital Mechanics) and Applied Mathematics. I also love to teach Math to kids and students.


My original background is Pure Mathematics, and I was initially a high-school teacher, starting my career immediately after graduating the faculty. My life has changed fundamentally when I have joined the Department of Theoretical Mechanics at the Technical University of Iasi and I have started on an academic path which will continue all my life, regardless where I will work in the future.

I have decided to give way to my passions such that they might be useful on a larger scale than a community of scientists which work in the same field as I do, fundamental Astrodynamics. I have decided to share science in a more “human” way, such that it could become accessible to more people. The main principles are “keep it simple” and “if you can’t explain it to a 10-years old, then you did not really understand it yourself”.

I am open to any of your suggestions or collaboration propositions. Contact me at astrodymath (that sign ) gmail (a dot) com.

you may also want to visit my professional webpage at: vladmartinus.wordpress.com